A Unique Photo Booth

Photo Booth in IsraelPerfect for your special event in Israel, Photomobil is a photo booth built inside a vintage Beetle which has undergone a very special makeover for maximum comfort and fun.

Guests just need to climb on board, click the touch screen and start taking pictures!  A range of dress up accessories and maybe even a sombrero or tiara will add to the fun.  The magnetic photographs will shortly be ready and waiting outside the car.

If you are celebrating your wedding in Israel, we can arrive early and photograph the bride and groom or bar/bat mitzvah boy or girl.  After all, what could be more fun than being photographed inside a gorgeous 70’s style vintage car?

If you are planning a party in Israel, Photomobil will add to it in several ways.  The elegant vehicle offers an impressive backdrop, whilst your guests enjoy a trip back in time.  And of course, the pictures ensure that this unique experience won’t be forgotten![doptg id=”13″]

We are currently developing new, very cool and unique photo booth ideas.  They are suitable for places where space is an issue.  Please ask us about them!

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